Recommended Opportunities

2024 Guatemala Jesuit High School, New Orleans

Jun 25 - Jul 3, 2024
Xetalbiljoj, GT
0 spots left

2024 Dominican Republic University of Texas Athletics

Jul 6-14, 2024
Hoyo de perez, DO
7 spots left

2024 Mexico Summer Open

Jul 17-26, 2024
Ixtlan de Juarez, MX
0 spots left

2024 Kenya Bellarmine Preparatory

Jul 19-31, 2024
0 spots left

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About Us

Courts for Kids has existed since 2006 to help provide opportunities for kids to play sports in communities around the world. We collaborate with communities who initiate the projects, fundraise, volunteer labor and sustain the projects. Each project is adopted by a group of volunteers who also fundraise and travel to the community to work together and share an enriching and meaningful cultural exchange.


Sam Hunt's trip to Panama

By Sam Hunt on 4/13/2024

2024 Panama Camas High School Spring Break

I'm so thankful to have been able to go on this amazing trip to Pan...

My Experience with the Community of La Palma

By Vyom Mukerjee on 8/25/2023

2023 Dominican Republic Jesuit Portland

When our bus departed, I felt conflicted. I was setting off to...


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Past Opportunities

2024 Costa Rica St. John's Jesuit High School

Jun 18-26, 2024
Siete Colinas, CR
0 spots left

2024 Panama University of Oregon Athletics

Jun 14-23, 2024
El Chileno, PA
0 spots left

2024 Dominican Republic Jesuit High School

Jun 9-18, 2024
Higo de la Cruz, DO
0 spots left

2024 Guatemala University of Washington Athletics

Jun 7-16, 2024
Chuilacruz, GT
5 spots left