2023 Bellarmine Prep Nepal

Apr 7 2023 - Apr 18 2023
Khairahani, NP
Welcome to Courts for Kids.  Most likely, this would be your first trip with our organization and we are confident that this trip will impact you in ways you cannot even imagine. We work closely with our in-country partner to make sure your basic needs are met, so we can all focus on the task at hand, creating a multi-purpose sports court with the initiative, help and support of the community.  
A sports court is a great project because it requires the help of many community members, provides plenty of work for everyone, and becomes an asset that provides not only safe places for children to play, but also various other benefits.  The hard work of our team will be a great bridge between us and the community and we will develop a mutual respect that will help provide inroads into a rich cross-cultural experience and first-hand insight into a developing world community. 
We are looking for great cultural ambassadors, so please only sign up for this trip if you are willing to step outside of your comfort zone.  You will need to work hard, you will be eating different foods, sleeping and bathing in less comfortable environments.  But, as they say, if you want to live like you’re in America, why leave?
Most importantly, we ask that you enter into this with a great sense of humility.  We want you to be eager to learn and grow in this process as we are entering into a different culture with different values and norms.  We want you be quick to listen and slow to speak.
We will not be giving you a detailed itinerary as things are very prone to change with this sort of construction project.  But your time will be spent working on the court, taking part in various cultural activities and, most importantly, connecting with the locals.
Before registering, please download the informational packet below in the 'Forms' section.  In it, you will find the description of the community, flight itinerary, necessary trip requirements and other helpful information.
If you choose to go, I can almost guarantee you will look back on this trip as a life-changing experience.  You will grow so much in a week it will make you wish you could stay longer.  In fact, you will probably say this was the best week of your year.
The Courts for Kids team

24 going

11 days left


Selene Nesland
(360) 909-0684




$500.00 Application Fee (Applies to Total)
$850.00 1st Amount Due Due 1/6/2023
$850.00 2nd Amount Due Due 2/7/2023
$950.00 3rd Amount Due Due 3/7/2023


Trip Information Packet

Please read through this informational packet for important details about the project.



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